Safo provides services in Document Management from more than 20 years, a long period which has allowed us to develop profound and mature experience in the issues and everyday problems connected with the management of paper documents. We have achieved an elevated standard in the organization process and also in the performance and support of information technology.

The quantity of the document managed by SAFO is more than 2 million per year through the management of various and diverse administrative, judicial and account documentation. The primary activity of Document Management is the dematerialization of the documents.

Nowadays thanks to a disciplined procedure of the legal system, it is possible to almost fully cut out the use of paper documents for both private and public entities. SAFO makes use of digital systems which conform to the regulations in force. Our systems permit various companies to have in a short period of time a transformation of the management of their paper archives, including current archives, deposits and back dated archives in analogous files. This digitalized process allows for a better service for accessing information while consequently reducing the space dedicated for permanent storage of documents.

We make full use of the application implements expected by the regulations which require the digital signature to be a temporary mark. The conversation and the classification of the informatics documentations is achieved in the end to assure the integrity, the identity, the provenience and the traceableness of each document.


In order to further improve the management of the process and to increase the level of the service quality offered, SAFO has initiated notable techno-operative investments: the usage of specialised software allows an elevated personalization of the management according to the Client’s requirements. The new system consists in a total “paper-less” management, practiced with efficacy, in the service sector: all the documents are immediately dematerialized via digitalisation and are put through a work process entirely assisted by IT flows. The archiving process is made possible by using highly efficient scanners; the scanning is obtained through the use of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) or through the transformation of the paper content into images.

Using the OCR software Safo recognises and individualises the characters presented in a document which are then sent into a text file which can be seen and used by the final user. This phase of activity requires control and standardisation of the data, whose significance depends on the state of preservation of the paper document. Once the optic archiving takes place, SAFO is able to provide to the clients another system of substitutive conservation for all those “conservable” documents which have a legal and fiscal significance.

All the informatics documents, together with their digital signatures are memorised in suitable optical systems together with any consequent temporary references attachments and digital signatures. This procedure is assigned to our personnel who follow the correct procedural steps and are responsible for this type of conservation work. Even in this case, if any image is required they are rendered available on dedicated WEB sites.

Applications “ad hoc”

This service is integrated through specific applications implemented by the competent IT center of the group. These specific applications apply to:
  • Web site available for clients, for research and consultation of the document (with the possibility to insert this function even inside the sites constructed by the client themselves)
  • Interface with informative systems of the clients, regarding upload/download of massive modes of documents and data of cataloging.
  • Solutions for specific client requirements.

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