Multanova is an exclusive service created and developed by safo group for the integrated outsourcing management of fines and penalties on behalf of car rental and leasing companies, and more generally for those companies which possess and operate large fleets of vehicles in italy or outside. Multanova comes as a result of 25 years of experience in the car hire sector, in the management process of companiesí fleets and also of a continuing and constant process of re-engineering of our systems; it completes the start of a full service for fines, from the moment a fine is issued to sending, payment and eventual management of any reminder notices. Leader in the market in Italy, Safo manages over 1,200,000 fines in three European states (Italy, Rumania and United Kingdom, and shortly opening in Brussels), this is rendered possible thanks to our personnel which contains more than 150 specialists.


The standard process as to how Multanova functions starts with the arrival of the fine or a request for the driverís information at the clientís (owner of the vehicle) address. It includes all start up activities, payment (when needed), data transmission to the sanctioning body, possible challenge and legal support to the client in court. The fundamental objectives of the new system designed by Safo is to reduce to a minimum the manual handling, and also to permit a secure management of all possible fines. The design of the activities of the Multanova system are designed in such as way as not to allow the operator to commit distraction errors or miscomprehend the process. This is made possible thanks to an automated control input, which has been designed and based on our specific clientís rules and requirements.

The macro phases of the process are:

  • The client periodically supplies Safo with updates of their fleet data (lessee, driver, contracts, car registration papers and information regarding car theft and sales) and also any information concerning the management of special agreements drawn up with their clients.
  • The client the fines and any requests in paper form to Safo which then registers, scans them and process the data entry. In this way Safo has developed a way in which reduces at a minimum the paper work related to the original fine. It also permits the creation of files which can contain all the necessary documentation for a single fine and to add any subsequent documents to the original file by a simple document search.

Thanks to a very organised and improved electronic archive system, it will be possible to trace a document even after many years it has been received by us. The electronic version of the documents may also be provided at any time, even in paper form if this is requested for any legal reasons.

1. Re-notification: all information requests are processed through a unique system to each client, and which automatically applies all the rules defined by them. Safo usually sends a letter to the issuer of the fine containing the lesseeís or driverís data and establishes what action is to be taken; this procedure is not followed when the fine has to be paid by the client.

2. Payment: Safo pays the fines on behalf of the clients and supports them in turn to re-debit their
own clients.

3. Challenge: Safo follows up any contestations which may be due to either formal, substantial errors, or when the sanctioning body rejects our practice of challenging the fines with the alleged reason, then these rejections are examined case by case by our team of specialists.

4. Quality Control: There is a specific internal department composed of highly qualified personnel which overviews the quality control with the aid of automated electronic tools.

5. Invoicing: With the clientís request, we assist them with debt and payment invoices, or if required for re-payment of the fine or simply for charging a payment of an administrative fee to the lessee/driver.

6. Archive: All the documents are archived for the period required by law.

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